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Organic White All Purpose Flour

Organic White All Purpose Flour

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I have to admit I am a flour Snob.  I don’t use a lot of white flour for everyday baking, I love WonderFlour for most of my baking needs, but if there is yeast in the recipe or I need some white flour on the rare occasion I love a good clean all purpose flour.  Meaning one that is free from chemicals.  It is amazing how well a good flour responds in yeasted breads and other baking recipes.   

I never buy cheap chemical filled flours.  In fact recent research has found that the main culprit in flour for the many medical problems we are faced with are a result of the chemicals found in most flours.  Many that think they are allergic to flour,  but in truth they are having reactions to the chemicals found in the flour.  

I was diagnosed with wheat intolerance and discovered that in reality of was having negative reactions to the chemicals in the flour.  When I use this flour I have discovered I am reaction free.  

I encourage you to try it out and see and feel the difference a good clean flour makes. 

Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy

Our Organic All Purpose Flour has beautiful color and consistency. The best part is, there is no bromate! This one is non GMO and clean. Ideal for baking, and especially great for breads.

Shelf Life: 6 months if stored in *optimal conditions in the original packaging. *(70 degrees in a dry place.)